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How to access any blocked website in a minute?

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How to access any blocked website in a minute?

how to access blocked websites


Many times we face the problem of access denied or the website is blocked while internet surfing In this post i am going to show you a method using which you can visit any website from any part of the world.


1.Change your IP address. 

Most of the websites are banned in a particular country .(for example facebook is banned in China)

So if you change your ip with softwares like hidemyip . (How to change my IP address? (future post)

2.Hide your IP address

This can be easily done by the use of some website known as proxy servers.
for example. you want to view some website . lets say facebook
but its banned in your college or school, so you can't access it.

what you can do is:

step 2. enter the name of the website you want to access.

step 3. hit go.
look at the figure below for explanation
You can not be caught accessing website in this way . as the person who is monitoring would see and not Facebook working on your site.

Here you are indirectly accessing the blocked website.

Some other proxy servers which you may use are:

Please don't use this trick for illegal activities.

Thank you. and have fun!! :D
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  1. This is cool, Normally I used High speed VPN to access blocked websites. I hope this will be ok for me as well. Thanks


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