Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fool your Friends With Pentium 5 i11 processor


Fool your Friends With your Pentium 5 i11 Processor

Making fool of friends,colleagues  is the most entertaining task. This post would show you a method by which you can change the hardware description of your computer and fool your friends into believing that you have the latest version of processor which is yet to be launched . :D 

Just follow the simple steps as follows:

Step 1. Go to . Start.. Run ... and type regedit.


This would open the registry editor.


 Step 2. Select  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE as in the picture above and expand its contents.

Step 3. Similarly select HARDWARE then DESCRIPTION then CentralProcessor and finally select 0.

Step 4. On the Right hand side of the window as you see in the picture . Right Click on ProcessorNameString and click modify.

 Step 5. Modify the name to any name you want. Lets say Pentium 5 i11  as show below.

 All done. Hit ok and close the Registry Editor. Now check the system properties by right clicking on MyComputer and select properties. You would get something like this.

Have Fun and fool your Friends with this Newly upgraded PC of yours.

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