Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to increase the Ram memory

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                      How to increase a computer ram through a 
                                          pen drive
Increase computer speed

if your computer is running slow because of low Ram memory then don't be worry.
today i m gonna teach you how to increase your Ram memory without spending money.
which makes your computer faster and easy to access.
All you need is a pen drive.

Increase computer speed

only u have to follow the simple steps they are as follows:


1.Right click on My computer -->
                                                     --> properties,
                                                     --> advanced,
                                                     --> performance,settings.
2.Now a new window is open then click on advanced tab and then on change button.

3.Now select your pen drive from the menu and then choose the option custom size.

4.Fill the available memory of the pen drive which you want to use as a Ram memory .
    you have to fill the initial size and the available memory size of a pen drive.

5.Click on OK button.Now your PC is much faster then before.

its a simple trick to increase your computer Ram memory without spending money.

Increase computer speed

                                          hope u like the trick....                               
thank you....

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