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How To Play Sega Dreamcast Games On PC

How To Play Sega Games On Your PC  how to play sega games on PC?

Wanna play Sega games on your PC? No problem – just follow this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots which explains how to achieve this.
Follow this 10 simple steps:
STEP 1 – Download the emulator
This first thing you have to do is to download the emulator. The most recently updated and therefore the most likely to be operational on newer PCs is NullDC. You can download the zip file at this LINK.

STEP 2 – Unzip the emulator archive
You need a software like WinRAR to extract the files. Just right click and select “Extract to nullDC_104_r136″:

STEP 3 – Download BIOS dump
The emulator needs an image of console BIOS in order to start. You can download Dremacast image on get-your-rom.com: LINK.
STEP 4 – Unzip Dreamcast archive
Unzip the archive, just like you did with the emulator. This time is better to choose “Extract here” because there is already a folder name “Dreamcast” in the archive which contains the files.
STEP 5 – Copy the required files

The next thing you need to do is to copy the emulator files from BIOS dump folder to the emulator’s data folder. If you saved and extracted your files in the Downloads directory, do as follows:
  • Go to C:\Users\\Dreamcast\
  • Select the files “DC – BIOS.bin” and “DC – Flash.bin”. Click copy.
  • Go to C:\Users\\nullDC_104_r136\data
  • Paste the files

STEP 6 – Rename the files
  • Go to C:\Users\\nullDC_104_r136\data
  • Rename “DC -BIOS.bin” to “dc_boot.bin”
  • Rename “DC – FLASH.bin” to “dc_flash.bin”
STEP 7 – Download some games :)
Try this site: http://www.get-your-rom.com/isos/dc-sega-dreamcast
STEP 8 – Start the emulator
  • Go to C:\Users\\nullDC_104_r136\data
  • Double click “nullDC_Win32_Release-NoTrace.exe”

STEP 9 – Select the game’s image file
Click File -> Normal boot, then the button with the 3 dots to select the file.


And voilĂ  – that’s it! Congratulations! You are now able to play Sega Dreamcast games on your PC. If you want to configure or check out the controls, just click click Options>Maple>Port A> Config keys to player 1.

Here is a screenshot of the game Crazy Taxi 2 played on PC:

You should be aware that the emulator is still in development and therefore some bugs and malfunctions are very likely to appear.
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