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Best Free Portable Applications

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Must Have Portable Apps Collection

Must have Portable Apps
The Problem of the Non Availability of a certain software always make us loose our valuable time when we use the computer of someone else. Also by using the software on another PC , we risk our privacy and therefore risk our passwords. 
By using the Power of Portable Applications , the above  problem can be easily solved. 
Read More to find out 

What are Portable Applications? ,
Why to use portable application? ,
How to use Portable Applications? , &
What are the best Portable Application in the market?

Q. What are Portable Apps?

Ans. A Portable Application is a piece of software which you could easily install on any portable devices such as a USB drive(Pen Drive) and use that application on any computer.

Q. Why to Use Portable Apps?Why to use Portable applications?

Ans. Portable Application makes you secure as you would use your own software from your own usb drive. Therefore , the chances of getting the Privacy you need increases.

Q. What are the requirements to run a Portable Application?

Ans. You don't need any special kind of hardware for running a portable application. You just need a USB drive (pen drive) to use a portable application.

Q. How can you use a Portable Application ?

Ans. Just Download the Application from the links i will provide you, and just install the application as normal but change the installation directory the location of the Pen drive.

Q. What are the best Portable Application in the market?

Ans. Some of the best Portable Apps that i would like to recommend you are as follows: 

Top 10 Portable Applications:

1. Open Office

Open Office For Usb Drive  With this application you would be able to perform all the basic operations which can be done with Ms Office.

2. Foxit Reader Portable

 Portable Reader ApplicationUse of Foxit Reader would enable you to read pdf files (i.e eBooks) on computers that does not have Acrobat Reader installed on them.

3. True crypt

Use True Crypt to Prevent Unauthorized Access
 True Crypt can be used to create encrypted virtual Hard drives. This App would help your hard disk and USB drives from unauthorized access.

4. Keepass

Keepass Portable Application
  Now keep the passwords of all the user id in a single Pen Drive and never forget any password.

Download Keepass Here.

5. Recuva 

Recuva Portable Application
 Use Recuva to recover the permanently deleted files and folders and save yourself from the panic of data loss.

6. C Cleaner

Removed Unnecessary files and folders
 Use C Cleaner to remove all the unnecessary files and folder.C Cleaner also removes the files left after removal of the software. It is a great tool to optimize your PC   performance.

Download C Cleaner Here.

7. Opera Portable

Opera Portable Browser
Opera Portable can be use to browse blocked sites on a computer. It is a light , fast and easy to use browser.

 Download Opera Portable Here.

8. Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable Browser
 Firefox Portable is well renowned for its speed of browsing webpages. It is one of the leading browsers available in the market. Accessing blocked and slow website becomes easy with Firefox Portable.

 Download Firefox Portable Here.

9. Portable vlc

Vlc Portable Media Player to Play Flv Files
 Vlc is a must have media player plugin to watch flv files( Most of the movies over the internet available for download are in flv format) . Cropping of video for better viewing can also be done with vlc. Other benefits of vlc are Online Television, and watching movies in dual audio.

Download Portable vlc Here.

10. Portable 7zip

7 zip Portable extractor
 Use Portable 7zip to extract the compressed files present on any computer.

Note: Using of portable application will save a lot of your precious time as you don't have to reinstall the software on different computer again and again. You just need to install the softwares once onto the Pen Drive.

Have fun using these Potable Application and work efficiently.

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