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Receive Email when Someone Unfriends You on Facebook


Receive Email when Someone Unfriend You on Facebook

Twenty Feet Facebook Application

There is always a competition between people about the numbers of friends they have in there friend list. The More the number of friends, the prouder the user of the profile becomes. Also it requires a lot of time and dedication to increase your friend circle on a Social networking Site like Facebook as it blocks you on sending more number of friend requests.

Now Even if someone Unfriends you on Facebook you won't be notified and you may wonder why the hell is the number of friends on your Facebook Profile decreasing.

Don't worry Here is a very simple solution using a Third party application.

NOTE: Be aware as there are some other application also in the market which are complete spam. So Only use the application i suggest you in this post.

I suggest you to use an application Known as Twenty Feet. This is a third party application which can be used by both your twitter as well as your Facebook account.

Twenty Feet Facebook Application

Twenty Feet is a free to use application and can be linked to one facebook account and one twitter account. For using more then one account with Twenty Feet , you would be charged a reasonable amount of 2.5 $.
Twenty Feet fetches the list of your friends everyday and maintain its database . When it finds that one of your friends profile is missing from your id, Twenty Feet notifies you via an email. Those friends may have blocked you or unfriended you or may be they have deactivated their account . Whatever be the case ,you would get a notification at your email id . 

Steps to follow :

1. Go to
2. Sign up and Try for free. 
(You can also sign up with a facebook or a twitter account)

Now you would receive Emails and get notified whenever anyone unfriends you on Facebook.
For more information watch the video tutorial given below

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