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Top 5 Websites to learn Hacking like a Pro


Top 5 Websites to learn Hacking like a  Pro


Hackers  Vs Crackers
Hacking is the art of finding the loopholes. There are basically 2 types of hackers, white hat and the black hat hackers. White hat hackers call themselves the Ethical Hackers. And the black hat hackers call themselves the Crackers(or Anonymous). An Ethical Hacker in short is a good guy who works for solving the problem and A Cracker is a person who tries to exploit the problem in every possible humanely way. 
In this post, i would like to share some of the best sites of the hacking community where you can learn a lot and even begin your carrier in Hacking.

Here is the List of the Top Hacking Website:-->>

#1. Hellbound Hackers

Learn Hacking

Hellbound Hackers is an excellent forum to get all the serials, patches , cracks, free download packages and a lot more.They have an impressive hacking section along with Technology, Graphics and Tech support Area.The forum believes in protecting its content from being copied so it requires its user to register with a valid email id before letting the users get a glimpse of its content.

#2. EvilZone Hacking Forum

Learn Hacking from evilzone

EvilZone is the Largest Forum Community of Hackers you would find on the internet with over 65,000 members and 1,00,000 posts on Hacking. This Forum is ready to answer your each and every question related to programming. Just don't be naive when asking question, as they may make fun of you on silly questions.

#3. Hack a Day

learn hacking from Hack a day


Hack a day promises its visitors with at least one hacking trick a day.Hack a Day is like a library for the section of Hacking . This site it very well organized as it contains different section on Topics such as Cellphone Hacking, GPS, Digital Camera, Wi - fi etc.
Hack a Day is more of a website which includes Hacking even the electronic devices like Gameboy. But you may often find Hacks such as bypassing the download limit of blackberry.

#4. Hack In the Box

Learn Hacking from Hack in the Box

Hack in the Box is a regularly updating website on Hacking. This site is the most comprehensive guide for the Ethical Hackers. The Home page of this website includes updates from various forums, recent blog post, E zine , News articles and a lot more.

5. Hack This Site

Learn Hacking from Hack This site

Hack this site is the coolest website on  the internet which teaches its readers by challenging them to different hacking tasks.
The site designers assigns you various missions , where you need to find out the vulnerability of the site and use your new found Hacking Skills.
Missions Include different levels such as Basic, Intermediate, Advanced , Realistic, Application , Programming and many other.

If you are able to clear a Realistic mission on this website then you can surely title yourself as a Hacker. 

Do comment if you enjoyed learning from these websites or you know any other super cool website like these.

Kunal Ganglani

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  1. Thanks, these tips are supremely helpful people who running in hacking and want to become professional hacker, lot of people don't know about black and white hat hacking after read you this post they can get good knowledge that essential become expert hackers..

    Learn How to Hack

  2. should be added to the list the have free hacking tools and a good community that goes out of there way to help

  3. Please Am ready to become the Next Professional Hacker here is my email

  4. I would just like to comment and correct on some minor details.

    There are 3 basic types of hacking:
    White Hat
    Grey Hat
    Black Hat

    And there are 3 types of hacking with 2 classifications.
    Cracking, Hacking, Exploiting.
    Script Kiddies and Elite Hackers.

    Also if anyone is interested in becoming a true hacker, I would suggest first learning what DarkWeb is, and TOR, and how to navigate down there. That is where you can find the truly good forums, but all in all a decent post, NO DISRESPECT!! :)


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