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8 Ways to Prevent Your Gmail account From getting Hacked?

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  8 Ways to Prevent Your Gmail account From getting Hacked


Is your Gmail Account Hacked?
Preventing yourself on internet is the need of this modern era. If one of our primary emails like Gmail gets hacked, most of the other accounts like Facebook, blogger account would also get hacked. Also we don't want anyone to hack our email id and get a look at our personal information.
 In this post i am going to share a tricks with which you would get your email account get some security and prevent it from unauthorized access.

Getting security over internet is an issue that need constant monitoring. If we are able to monitor our email account ,we would surely be able to protect it from getting hacked. 
To make your Gmail account secure, Just Follow the steps given below:-

1.Set Up 2 Step Verification

Gmail provides you with a two step verification process on Login. (This two step verification needs the user to provide his mobile number to his gmail accout).

After you Enable 2 step verification.You Need to enter verification code every time you log into your Gmail Account.You would get verification code on you mobile number either by phone call or sms 
The Biggest advantage of this method is that even if someone knows your password, i.e the hacker. He also need to know the verification Number which is been sent to your mobile which is obviously won't have.
You can attach your Mobile Number to your Gmail account by just going to
1. Log into your Gmail Account.
2. Click on the Account Setting Option as shown below.
Set Up 2 Step Verification in Gmail
 3. Now go to Security Tab and Edit the 2 Step Verification Status to ON.
Set Up 2 Step Verification In Gmail

 Just watch the video Tutorial By Google Team on 2 step Verification and Gmail Security.

2. Avoid Using Public Computers

Public Computers are not only accessible by you but are also accessible by Crackers and they may load malicious softwares like Trojans, Rats, and Most of all Keyloggers which can record you keystrokes,i.e your email id and passwords and send them to the attacker. 

Learn How to Detect Keyloggers HERE.

3. Regularly Monitor Gmail Account Activity

You can even catch the hacker if you regularly monitor you Account Activity. Just Go to Details listed at the bottom of the page.(After you Log in you Gmail Account)

Monitor Your Gmail Account Activity

After you Click On Details , you would see a Pop up Window displaying the List of IP address which were used to Log into your Email Account.

Monitor Your Gmail Account Activity
 ( I have Blurred my IP address :P)
You could easily get the IP address of the attacker if he is not aware of your intelligence.

4.Choose a Unique Strong Password

Choosing a Unique and Strong Password is a basic need of Security Online. You should not have Passwords like asdfjkl or qwerty or 12345. Passwords such as Birthdays, Mobile numbers are also not preferable as these things are the first and foremost guess an attacker makes while trying to log into your email id.

By Unique , i mean to say that the Password should not be associated with multiple accounts. Like Its often noticed by me that people used to set there Gmail and Facebook id password the same.

A Strong Password should be:-
  • Completely Illogical
  • Should Contain digits, symbols, UPPERCASE and lowercase letters both.
  • Should not be present in dictionary.
  • Should not be any kind of information about you that you have already made public
  • Should be atleast of 15 to 20 digits.
  • Should be easily remembered by you.
  • Should be changed every week.

5. Do Not Click on Suspicious Links  

Do not Click on Suspicious Emails
 There are some methods using which the Attacker can Send you Fake Emails. Like you may get an Email from which would be completely fake.
Yes, the attacker may send you an email from a customizable Email id using some of his tools and may want you to reply with your Email id and Passwords .


6. Use an Updated Antivirus

 Use an Updated Antivirus to keep yourself safe from different types of attacks like Trojans ,Rats, Keyloggers .
Download Kaspersky Antivirus Free Full Version HERE.
Download Comodo Antivirus Free Full Version HERE.

7. Beware of Phishing Attacks

 (Check The url When you Log into your Gmail Account )
Don't be a Fish and Be aware of Phishing Attacks
 Phishing Pages are the websites created by the Attackers . These websites pretend to be genuine website and Steal away your Facebook Id and Password. 

Learn All about Phishing and how to perform the attack here.

8. Attach a Secondary Email Address for Recovery in Case your id gets Hacked

Even if Some Geeky Hacker Hacks your Email id , you would Have this ultimate weapon of secondary Recovery email id with you which would help you in getting your email id back.

Kunal Ganglani


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