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How to Insert Any Image in Facebook Chat Box?

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How to Insert Any Image in Facebook Chat Box?

Send Any Picutre in Facebook Chat
Although the use of Facebook has expanded over the globe but there is merely any improvement in the Facebook Chatting experience. Facebook Provides its users with a limited number of smileys . Most of the users of Facebook are bored with this limitation and want to use new smileys to represent there emotion on Facebook Chatting. 

Dont worry , here is the solution.
We would Now learn to insert our own Picutures /images present in our computer and send them over in our Facebook chat box to our Friends.
Using this trick you could also share images with your friends personally rather them uploading them publicly on Facebook.

Users like me and you want to play with cool stuff that others dont know and get an upper edge,Express your emotions loudly on Facebook by just following the simple steps:-

1.Just Go to the Website Smileytime
2. Choose the file which you want to send over in Facebook Chat by clicking on the Browse option.

Steps to Send a Picture in Facebook Chat

3.Click on Upload Now .
4. You would Now see a chat code.

Secret Codes to send Images in Facebook Chat

Just copy this code(by clicking on Copy to Clipboard) and paste it in your chat box.

NOTE: You may have to like the Facebook Fan Page of to see this code.

Check Out the the result which i got when i used this Trick to share Images.

Express your Emotions in Facebook Chat

Sent Pictures in Facebook Chat Box

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