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Cool Ways to Watch Olympic Games Online

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Catch all the Action of Olympic Games Online

London Olympic Stadium 2012
After a long waiting of 4 years , Olympic games are back . With the advent of Technology, People can have the luxury and comfort of watch the Olympic games Live from there Living Room. Watch the Olympians fight for the Gold medal and enjoy the Spirit of the Games.

Kgtricks Present to you the coolest Ways to Watch Olympic games ONLINE.

Olympic Torch
You Could Catch up all the action of Olympics by Website as well as Extensions/ Plug ins listed Below:

List of Websites To watch Olympic Games:-

1. Olympic.Org

Olympic Games Live

Olympic. org is the official website of the olympic games. It contains about above 10000 photos and more than 1500 videos to keep you busy for now. It contains literally everything from :live results, medal ceremonies,team stats, athlete bio's, News and all the event schedules.

2. Youtube's Official Olympic Channel

Youtube Official Olympic Games Channel

Catch up the action of Olympic Games with Youtube's Olympic Games Official Channel  . Just select the Country you are viewing from . And thats it. The Videos will be streamed by International Olympic Committee. Catch the 2200 hours of Live events, Highlights, Medal ceremony all at one Place for free. 

3. NBC Olympics

Watch Live Olympic Games

The NBC Olympics is a website that's providing live streaming of the Olympic Games. They also provide streaming on mobile /Tablet devices through there apps.NBC Olympics Guarantees to stream all the events, right from the Opening ceremony to the Prize distribution Ceremony.

NBC Olympics would telecast Event videos only in United states and U.S Territories. Viewers outside these countries would only have access to Non event videos.
(You could bypass this use of proxy and hide your IP address).

4. The Gaurdian

Watch the Olympic Games Live
Gaurdian is an amazing website that's offering Virtual tours to the Olympic Parks. Giving Feeds on the Olympic Torch Parade. It is providing Highlights for all the games along with Video highlights of the game. The website also contains personal thoughts of the sportsman competing at the Olympic Games.

5. CTVOlympics Youtube Channel

Canada Youtube channel for Olympic Games

Ctv Olympics is another YouTube channel that's offering exclusive Olympic Photos, videos and Live updates, Medal Ceremony about different Games. This channel buffers faster as compared to the youtube's official channel (as high taffic on it.)

Extensions for Browsers To catch up all the Action while Browsing

Extension for Browser to get Olympic Games Updates and feeds

Download and install the extensions for your Browser and get all the updates easily .

Olympic Browser download for 

Google Chrome: Download Olympic Extension here.
Firefox: Download Olympic Extension Here. 
Safari: Download Olympic Extension Here.

Enjoy the Games !!!! Have Fun..
Bye. bye..

Kunal Ganglani

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