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Toolbox Elements for Windows 8 Application Development

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Description of Windows 8 toolbox Elements for Application Development

In this post , you will get to know the code snippets which are used to add different types of tools from the toolbox for the windows 8 application development. You will learn you to use a text box  text block , image, button , media element and page navigation to your windows 8 applications.

Code snippets for various tools for widows 8 application development are as follows:-

1. Text block
To add a text block to the windows 8 designer window/ application , just add the XAML code in the MainPage.xaml file


Drag and drop the Text Block from the toolbox to the designer.

2. Text Box.
To add a text box (i.e. A box that takes user input) for your windows 8 applications, just add the following xaml to your XAML page.


Drag and drop the Text box from the toolbox to the designer.

3. Button
To add a button (i.e. an event handler) , which perform some action on clicking. Just do the following steps:-
Add the following xaml code to your XAML page or drag and drop the button from the toolbox to the designer.
Double click on the button you just dragged into the designer windows. This would open up the .Cs file for your XAML Page.
Just type the events which you want to perform on clicking the button , and the actions will be performed in the order you mentioned in the event handler.

4. Image
To add an image ADD the xaml code given below
Drag and drop the image to the xaml file and change the source of the image to the image you want.

5. Page Navigation
To add a page navigation , Just add a button to the current XAML page and open its event handler by double clicking the button. This would open the .cs file of the current xaml page.
Just add the code given below to navigate:

Change the newpagename to the name you want the page to get navigated to on pressing the button.



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