Friday, March 22, 2013

Do you want to control objects around you? Try Google Glasses


Do you want to control objects around you? Try Google Glasses

Google glasses
Now get ready to control objects around you like television, garage door etc. by just wearing a glass. Wondering how is it possible? Here it goes. The US Patent and Trademark Office published "Wearable Computer with Superimposed Controls and Instructions for External Device" which is a Google patent application. Through this application, the glass wearing person would be able to control the real physical objects around him through a virtual display, along with ability to view details of the object.

            According to the patent, the glass wearer would be able to control the object, provide input to it, get directions to operate it as well as the current status of the object or any other relevant information. The patent includes some objects that can be controlled for example, television, copy machine, coffee maker ,refrigerator etc.

            But how does it happens? Through a virtual button placed on Glass’ control panel. When you touch this virtual button, then it sends the required directions to the object that you want to control. For example, let us assume you want to control your refrigerator (such as defrosting it). This would require an interface to be superposed on the refrigerator that would help in controlling it. Now, to control the refrigerator, the glass-wearer need to touch this virtual control interface from a distance. For example, the wearer may touch any portion of refrigerator through the virtual button in the interface. The Glass recognizes this touch as an instruction to control the object and sends it to the object.

            The technology could also work on its own for some objects, for example, garage door. According to your location, the technology may be able to send the instruction to open or close the door automatically. When you want to park your car in a garage or when you reach the garage on foot to take the car out, the Google Glass would instruct the door to let you in and when you have parked the car or drove it out, the glass directs the door to shut.

            Well, this new smart technology also required its target objects to be smart as well. The target object must have communication facilities like WI-fi, Bluetooth, etc. to enable the Google Glass to communicate with them. This doesn’t seem to happen soon as such smart devices are really costly. To get rid of our conventional ways to manually control objects, there is need for cheaper smart devices. Till then, burn your calories!

So are you excited about google glasses.. Check out this cool video to get a glance at them

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