Monday, March 25, 2013

Top 5 Free Calling Apps for iOS and Android

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Call your Friends for Free

Call your friends for free
            FREE FREE FREEthese words sounds so enticing these days with call charges reaching the sky. Where every operator is thinking about its earnings I am thinking about your savings. We have got limited cash flow and these operators would leave us cash-strapped with such rise in their rates. Well, they have their own reasons but we have ours too. So, here I bring to you some special apps for your Smartphone which allows you to make free calls on just the cost of your internet facility which you must surely have in your Smartphone.


Use Skype to call for free
It is the best of all. Everyone of you must be aware of it. It is the most favorite for the purpose and is available in market since 2003. Although it started it’s services through computers but now you have it for your Smartphones too. Along with the facility to make free calls. Skype also allows you to share files with your friends. With android in your hands, you also have the pleasure to make video calls. So the next time you talk with your friends, you can even share with them the happenings of your life in the form audio/video or image files.


Use Viber to call for free

Another application with significant recognition among the Smartphone users. Ported over from its iOS version to the android one, it is one of the most candid free calling application. It works just as your whatsapp, after installing it scans your phone book and connects you directly to your viber friends without any need for stupid email verifications or so.


Use tango to call for free

Another powerful app for both android and iOS users. It does not although shares the same popularity as Viber and Skype, yet its eminence can’t be ignored. Along with free calling, video calling or sharing texts, Tango allows you to play cool games to relax you. Also during your chat you get to go through some interactive cool experiences, they call it “Tango surprises”. So ready, grab yours.


Use Fring to call for free

Fring has a lot to go with it. Along with chat to free calls to video calling, this app allows you to add other communication services from google talk to AOL. The special interest for Fring is it is available not only for iOS and android but also supports Java enabled phones. Their new feature enables you to video call with up to four friends at a time, although it leads to a little bit mishmash.


Use Nimbuzz to call for free
It is like a swiss army knife. Whatever may be the platform, android, iOS, blackberry, nokia symbian, it works for all. Also, it covers your friends from every social account like Facebook, myspace and yes also ICQ. You can start making free text messages, calls, also video, music and other file sharing totally free. The only low point it has is that it does not have video calls but has interesting webchat feature through which you can connect to your friends on other computers (like in a cafe).

I hope you enjoy these services to there maximum, and enjoy the benefits these cool applications J. Feel free to comment if you have any doubt regarding the usage of any of these services.
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