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How to Become a Microsoft Student Partner?


Be a Part of Microsoft Student Partners Program Now

Become a Campus Representative of Microsoft in your College

Get a chance to represent Microsft in your College campus by becoming a Microsoft Student partner now. Microsoft is a Brand that needs no introduction. Microsoft has started accepting applications to its prestigious program Microsoft Student Partners. 

Do you enjoy communicating with other?
Do you love the latest technology out there?
Do you want to want to know more about cool services like cloud computing, Virtualization etc. . 
Do you want to earn Certifications from Microsoft?
Do you want to get a chance to attend cool workshops conducted by Microsoft?

If you found yourself saying yes to each of the questions above, then congrats, you are at the right place.

Who can Apply?

Students who are pursuing higher education in STEM-D college (i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Design) can apply for the Microsoft Students Partner Program. Students can apply in any year of their degree course. Generally Student who are in their Final year or Pre-Final year of the degree course are given preference.

What would be my role as a Microsoft Student Partner?

Your role as a Microsoft student partner would be to :-

  • Conduct workshop on new Microsoft Technologies and platforms like Windows phone, Windows 8 application development etc. 
  • Act as a single point of contact between your college and Microsoft. ( This would definitely earn you a lot of respect in your faculty's eyes).
  • Form Local Student Tech club in your college which organizes regular meet ups where student can share and learn from each other.

What are the benefits?

You would get a lot of benefits on becoming a Microsoft Student partner ( also known as MSP)
Some of them are mentioned below: 

  • MSP id cards and goodies
  • Free Technical Training and Resources
  • Certification From Microsoft
  • Chance to Attend MSP summit with the top employees of the company
  • Internship and Recruitment Opportunity for Top performers
  • Interaction with the Top Employees of Microsoft
  • Networking with people like you who share the same passion for technology.
  • MSDN subscription worth around 10 lakh rupees for free. ( This includes license keys of Operating system like windows xp, windows 7, windows 8 ; Software Development kit license like Visual Studio etc. 

How to Apply?

To apply for this program you need to submit this 

Note: Having a letter of recommendation from your college principal or Training & Placement officer may increase your chances of selection into the program. This is made mandatory from 2013-14 session.

This is usually followed by 

Round 1: Video submission

All you need to do is make a video of yourself speaking about some or the other Microsoft technology. For the year 2012-13, the participants had to speak either of the topics like Windows Phone, Windows 8 , Windows Azure etc. You also need to introduce yourself and tell the reason for which you should be selected as a Student partner.

Tip: Make sure your video is unique , interesting and you use a good quality camera for recording your video. Also make sure that you add background music to your video to make it interesting. 

Note: Do not add background music which is copyrighted as YouTube may remove it on copyright claims by the owner. 

Check out the video I submitted on YouTube on Applying for the Student Partner program : -

Note: It's the quality of the video that matters and not the number of likes or views.

Round 2: Application Development

The second round of the Microsoft Student partner program for 2012-13 was Application Development. For this round, the student had to make a minimum one application on either Windows Phone and Windows 8 device. The more application you submit, more are the chances of your selection. You also need to publish your application in the marketplace.

Windows 8 Marketplace application submission can be done at: www.dev.windows.com

Windows Phone Marketplace application submission can be done
at : www.dev.windowsphone.com

You can learn more about Application Development at the links given below:-

Round 3: Technical Quiz

Round 3 of the selection process is a technical quiz round. In this round, the participants are required to participate in a quiz competition at 

All the participants have to clear at least one quiz choosing from Windows phone application development quiz, Windows 8 application development quiz, Windows Azure application development quiz.
Passing each of the quiz required a minimum of 20 correct answers out of 50. Multiple attempts to pass can be made at each quiz without affecting the score.
Passing Each quiz would give the participant 50 points.
Each participant would know his/her final  number of points they have earned for successful completion of the above rounds. 

Every year around 500 students out of thousands are selected for the Microsoft Student partner program. Don't fear from this number, as Microsoft also has a policy of making at least one Student partner in each college. So the competition is limited among the students of your college.
Just participate with your full devotion in all of the rounds mentioned above and you will surely become a Microsoft Student Partner. Best of Luck :)

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  1. I am in TE and I have little bit background of technology...I attended two events by MSPs,I like to create new apps,share,learn new things,etc. because of this i got exited to become MSP.

    can you guide me how should i proceed?? can you tell me what preparation should do before applying for 2013-14.can you tell me what shout i do because in TE i don't want to miss this chance...

    In my college there are already 3 MSP who are in BE . will it matter about no. students per college?? if yes what can i do for this to overcome??

    Please guide me...

  2. hey myself Gururaj a Bca final year student iam very enthusiastic to learn the things and earn knowledge&money.......iam proud and jelous of my friend who is google student ambassador and he keeps everything confidential so pls guide me to achieve something..........................


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