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Top 5 Portable USB Antivirus Softwares to Protect your USB from Virus

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Top 5 Portable USB Antivirus Software to Protect your USB from Virus

Protect your USB from Virus / Malwares
Even after the arrival of a lot of alternative storage devices, USB drives are still used widely. Most of us use USB drives for data transfer. We often need to plug in our USB to computers that may even have viruses on them. Therefore, we must have some antivirus software pre-installed on our USB drives from getting infected by these malicious virus. Get all the Top antivirus software you need to protect your USB drives here for free.

The primary goal of these antivirus software we are going to install on our USB drives is to prevent malicious files to be written to the drive. There secondary goal is to scan of virus on your USB drives and repair them as soon as possible.

Here is the list of Top USB Antivirus software that can help you prevent your USB from virus:-

1. USB Flashdrive Autorun Antivirus

It is like a defender that gets loaded up in your USB in the form of autorun file. This autorun file generated by this antivirus prevents any other virus to remove or mess with this autorun file. Thus, making this antivirus very useful. The antivirus system also keeps on scanning the USB for virus signatures and remove virus. In case the virus disables some of its function, the antivirus repairs itself.

2. Naevius USB Antivirus

It differentiates itself from other antiviruses in a way that it takes the minimum amount of storage memory and keeps on scanning the drive in real time.

3. Trustport USB Antivirus

Trustport USB Antivirus is a portable application that loads up in the USB drive and prevents malicious programs to load up into the USB drive.

Portable application are the application or the executable files that can be directly used with any kind of installation required.

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( Portable Applications saves the user a lot of time of installation and gives results.

Trustport even gets updated which makes it a very useful defender for our USB.


4. McAfee Virus Scan USB

McAfee is one of the top brands in terms of security. It provides users with an  awesome USB Antivirus software which get updated on a daily basis. McAfee does not provide a 30 day free trial period for this product, but it does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this antivirus product.

5. USB Immunizer

USB Immunizer is yet another cool antivirus software which gets installed on your USB and prevents it from the malware and virus of the computer you connect the USB to. This Antivirus software makes sure that the infected computers are unable to create an autorun.inf file (malicious file) on your USB.

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I hope you download and install one of these software and write protect your USB drives from the malwares and viruses from the infected computers. In case you have any doubts with the use of any of the antivirus software given above, please feel free to ask your queries in the comments section given below. :)
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