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AutoCAD 2013 vs. MicroStation V8i

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 AutoCAD 2013 vs. MicroStation V8i

AutoCAD 2013 CAD software and MicroStation CAD software
A comparison between Autodesk’s AutoCAD and Bentley’s MicroStation—two of the most popular CAD software applications in the drafting industry—is like bringing fans of two different football teams to pass a vote on which team is the best. Needless to say that argument is one that will never meet a glorious end and so it is when comparing two CAD software applications with very large user bases.

So, I would not be attempting to hurt the sensibilities of those who swear by the features and tools of either software by conducting a full scale comparison but I shall at least place the specifications and capabilities of each on record so each person can come to his or her own educated opinion.

Differences in the Terms of Operating Systems

The AutoCAD CAD software is generally all encompassing when it comes to their use with operating systems while Bentley has been known to be more conservative when it comes to the use of MicroStation on diverse operating systems.  The different operating systems they run on are:

• AutoCAD 2013—the Mac OSX 10.6, Windows 7, and Windows XP. For one reason or the other it doesn’t run on Windows Vista
• MicroStation V8i —Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP but does not run on Mac operating systems.

 Differences in Terms of Supported Languages

Since its inception, AutoCAD has been built and re-built to fit users from all countries and with every new version made, there is usually a new language option added to its already impressive list of supported languages. While the MicroStation has been more limited with its language options and the V8i is no different. The languages they support are:
• AutoCAD 2013—English, Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish.
• MicroStation V8i —English, and French

Differences/Similarities in Functionality

The AutoCAD and MicroStation CAD Software are both 2D drafting tools with an extensive array of 3D modeling tools that is in no way as advanced as the average 3D animation software but can accomplish basic 3D modeling and renderings. In terms of functionality, they possess the following features:

• AutoCAD 2013—an extensive 2D drawing tool set to accomplish all types of 2D drafting projects, it also allows users handle 3D modeling with the use of extrusion tools, color palettes for coloring, customizable command logs, extrude 2D designs to generate 3D models, generate 2D designs from 3D models, hatching editor which makes a design easier to read and allow for easy communication amongst designers, allows users import existing designs and also helps users achieve realistic photorealistic renderings and animations.
• MicroStation V8i—the functional features of the MicroStation are not much different from the AutoCAD and they include; 2D/3D CAD software for designing, color palette, command log, hatching editor, provides users with the ability to extrude 3D models from 2D drafts and vice versa. It also lets animators achieve photorealistic renderings and animations.

Differences in File Support and Readability

For a long period of time, Autodesk refused to compromise on its stance to integrate other file formats on its workspace except its DWF and DWG file formats and until recently while MicroStation has always allowed the use of different file formats on its workstations. The file formats they support are:
• AutoCAD 2013—supports and reads; 3DS, DWG, DWF, DGN, BMP, DXF, FBX, PDF, DWT and WMF
• MicroStation V8i—the MicroStation CAD software supports and reads the following file Formats; DGN, DWG, DXF, IGES, PDF, Sketchup, STEP, DXF.

Differences in Pricing

AutoCAD and MicroStation are both advanced dedicated CAD platforms used for 2D/3D Drafting which makes their prices fall a bit on the high side.
• AutoCAD 2013—comes at approximately $4,000
• MicroStation V8i—goes for approximately $5,000

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