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How to Receive SMS Online for Free Without Registration


Receive SMS Online without Registration and bypass SMS Verification

There are a lot of services out on the internet which requires you to add your mobile number to them before using them. What if you don't want to share your mobile number and you also want to use the services. In this post, I will introduce you to a cool online service that helps you receive your messages online without any need of online registration. With the help of this service you can bypass any step which requires you to input your mobile number. 

Most of you would be very amazed by the notion of receiving messages online. So let me clear that to you. 

It often happens that you need to create multiple account on a particular website in a single day. In this scenario, the website tracks that a lot of new accounts are being made in a single day and thereafter the websites blocks your IP address because it thinks that you are a computer bot which is trying to attack on their website. This disables you to create more accounts without adding a mobile number.

These online services then send a message on your mobile. The message contains a code which you need to input before completing the creation of a new account.

This problem can be easily overcome by receiving the messages online.

This can be done by using a website which provides you with the public phone numbers of different countries. 

You just need to select one of the public mobile number input it in the sms verification section of the online service you want to make an account at. 

The website that enables you to receive online sms is : 
Have a look at the screenshots below :

Public Mobile Numbers to Receive SMS online

Public Mobile Numbers to Receive messages online

The webpage updates every 5 seconds. So you can receive your message online as soon as someone sends it. 

Note: The website does not keep your messages for a long duration of time. It will automatically delete all the messages after every 2-3 days.

With this online service in our hands, it's always our choice to choose whether to share our mobile number or not. I hope you folks take advantage of this cool online service to its maximum. Do let me know via comments if you have any queries with its usage. :)

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  1. HELP!! Facebook has been trying to force me to verify I'm real by entering a mobile phone number so they can send me a text code, I do not own a mobile phone or have access to one, I need something that works, Facebook is ONLY allowing me to enter a cellular phone number to verify by text, it gives me NO other option to verify, no home phone, no email, nothing, just cellular SMS txt message, If anyone knows how to do this without a cell phone please let me know by emailing me at:
    All of the current "send sms msgs for free" websites fail to work with this, doesn't work with this either.
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Email me back right away, There's gotta be someone out there with the answer!!!!
    Thankyou, Tyler.

    1. heyy Daniel..You don't need to have a mobile phone with you. You can easily use this service to solve this problem.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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