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How to install Android Studio on any Operating System?

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Installing Android Studio

Installing Android Studio
Android Applications have spread across the world like a wildfire. Almost everyone having a Smartphone is using Android OS on it. Android Application development has a lot of market potential and  If your application gets in the list of top rated applications, then you can also become a millionaire. Building Android Application is very easy and the work becomes easier after installing Android Studio. So lets get started with  our first step of developing Android Application on our Windows machine. 

Whats new in Android Studio?

Well, Android Studio is a completely new Android Application development environment based on Intelli J Idea. Using Android Studio you can develop and debug android applications. The Intelli J based Android Studio also offers some of the new capabilities as compared with the Eclipse with ADT plugin. 

How to install Android Studio?

Download the Android Studio package from developers.google.com.

Install the Android SDK tools and Android Studio.

For Windows : 

  • Developers having Windows installed as an Operating system need to open a android-studio-bundle-.exe , file form the downloaded package. 
  • It may happen that the launcher script might fail to find the Java installed on your PC.  You can rectify this problem by adding an environment variable indicating the current path. This can be done by going to My Computer> Properties> Advanced Tab > Environment Variables > New ( Below System Variables). 
The above steps are depicted by screenshots below: 

Installing Android Studio on Windows

Adding New System Variable while installing Android Studio on Windows

For Linux Operating System:

  • You would have to unpack the Tar file you have downloaded, i.e android-studio-bundle-.tgz to an appropriate location on your computer.
  • In order to launch Android Studio, you need to navigate to android-studio/bin directory in the terminal and execute studio.sh file from there. 


  • First you have to open the DMG file you have downloaded, i.e android-studio-bundle-.dmg
  • And drag and drop Android Studio into the Applications folder.

If you still have any problem installing Android Studio on your PC. Do let us know via comments :) 

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