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How to Tell If a Facebook ID is Fake

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Tricks and Tips to Find a Fake Facebook ID

There are billions of people who are using Facebook these days. You use Facebook so that you could connect with your friends and family. But be aware, there are some people on Facebook who try to connect with you with a Fake Facebook ID. These people have ill intentions towards you and therefore they must be recognized and blocked from your Facebook account. 

With this post I am going to share with you some ways with which you can identify these Fake impostors and unfriend or block them.

The user of a Fake Facebook ID creates it with a sole purpose of spreading virus or doing scams. These people may try to steal information, disrespect you in public, or to hack your Facebook ID in order to use it the way they want.
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Now, Most of you may be thinking about a Facebook friend you are suspicious about. So just let me tell you some of the sure shot tricks to find clear your suspicion and confirm the impostor.

Find the Mutual Friends You are having with the suspected Facebook ID

Ask these mutual friends if they have seen this person in real life. If all of them answer in no, then most probably the ID is fake. Ask him or her to upload their real profile picture. Try to recall if you have seen this person.

Reverse Look up the Profile Pic with Google Images

Google Images is one service by Google which allows you to search images on the internet.

  • Download the profile picture of the suspect. 
  • Upload it on Google Images
  • Hit search.

If you can see the same image on multiple websites, in Google image search, then tell me tell you, you are in trouble. This is a Fake ID you are connected to. And I would recommend you to stop communicating with him and block or unfriend him.

Find him/her online

Search the person online and find whether or not he is present on other social networking platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, etc. Compare the information about in the about me pages of all these platforms and find whether all of them say the same thing.
A real person always connects with the same people on the platforms has he shares a bond with his friends and family.
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Observe his/her recent Activities

Observe whether he is adding random strangers everyday. See the kind of pictures and status updates he/she is making. If you photos or status promoting any kind of scam, do report it to the cyber cell authorities to prevent it from happening.

Check His/her Information

Birth day dates, like 1 January or 31st December is easy to enter while creating fake profiles. Also check whether the person is interested in both the gender or not. Most fake ID profiles mention interested in both male and females. If that's the case, then either he/she is a bisexual or it is a fake ID. Whatever be the case, I would recommend you to block that ID fast.
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Observe his behavior

See the way he/she communicate with you, if you find that the messages being sent by him/her are disrespectful or are some kind of scam. Do not start a fight with him as it would only worsen the situation as the impostor may get desperate to hack your ID. If you don't like the way they are communicating, stop messaging, and do the needful.
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Although most of the times, I have referred the suspect as a Male, Let me just tell you that almost 70% of the fake Facebook ID have profile pictures of Girls. So be cautious, next time you find a request from a girl on Facebook.
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The process should not stop at finding the fake ID, but in order to prevent yourself online, you need to block him or unfriend him. You should also report to cyber crime, police cell of your country if the impostor has done anything fishy with your account. If the police finds someone guilty of this crime, they may be forced to pay you a certain amount or spend some time in jail. Either way, they won't do it again, if you get them the first time.
Stay Secure, Stay happy!! :)

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