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Movavi Video Suite to Edit Your Videos with Ease - Review

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Review: Movavi Video Suite 12


Videos are the best way to capture the precious moments of our life. To make an awesome video which brings back memories, we not only need a good camera, but also a good Video Editing Software. 

Movavi Video Suite is the best software when it comes to video editing. Have a look at some of the cool features it has to offer, and I am sure after knowing about it, you will definitely make your every next video using it.

Don't you want to make a video, which is liked and shared by all your friends and family. You might be able to record a video well, but it will always require a finishing touch to be made. This finishing touch to make your video an awesome video is just one step away from you. I will help you take that step with this post. 

The answer to all your Video creation and editing need lies with the Movavi Video Maker. Movavi is a one step solution to your video editing problems. Allow me to answer some questions you might be having about Movavi.

How do I get it?

You can download Movavi official Video Maker from their website. I recommend you to check their website now or you might miss a special discount offer. Movavi work well with Windows Xp, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. It also has provide 9 types of Language interface, so I don't think installing it would be difficult for you.

Why Movavi Video Suite?

There are a lot of similar tools int he market. But Movavi is a way different from the other similar products. 

It is one tool that has the following features: 
  • Create
  • Modify
  • Capture
  • Enjoy 3d

Features which Makes Movavi Video Maker Suite Different

Movavi lets you share the video with your friends, connected to you via Facebook, Youtube or any other social networking site. 


This software allows you to create tutorials on topics you are good at. Use its screen recording feature working at 60fps and make awesome tutorial videos.

Add soundtrack you like with the video you just recording. You can even add your voice recorded via microphone to the video. 

Convert Multimedia files in an instant. It has a wide variety of formats to choose from. You can convert your video to avi, 3gp, mp4 and many more formats.

You can burn a CD consisting your videos and share it with you friends, You can even create slideshows with this software.

Have ever tried to watch a 3D movie on a desktop machine? Most of you would answer in a NO, as there are only a limited number of software which can enable you to watch a 3D movie on your desktop. Movavi is one of the popular software to watch 3D videos.

And even more features. Have a look at the video conversion screen of the Movavi Video Maker suite. 


Moavi not only helps us to convert video from one format to another. But provides a wide range of operations, we may need to perform on the recorded video. From editing the video to add the finishing touch, adding soundtracks along the video to sharing the video with our loved ones or create a DVD of your video. This is one tool that will do everything you wish to do with your recorded video.

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