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9 Reasons Girls Block you on Facebook or Whatsapp

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Don't Let Them Block You

Social Media like Facebook and Whatsapp have become the most popular means of communication. Almost all of the youth have got an addiction Whatsapp and Facebook. We communicate with a lot of people in our daily life using them. Some of those people, especially girls might even block you if you don't communicate well with them. I know Girls are one such species of human race which are almost impossible to understand, but after some vigorous research on past experiences of my friends (not mine), I have successfully jotted down 9 reasons a girl may use to block you on Facebook or Whatsapp.


1. You tried to hack her Facebook ID Or You are Spying on her Whatsapp ID

I know that hacking is very interesting, and you might have learned a trick or two to get into someone's account without permission and spy on them. But wait for a second, this might offend her. And if you think you are too smart to get caught, then think again. There are some tricks to prevent Facebook account and make it secure. And if she has already secured her account, she might get a notification that you tried to hack her ID. So be prepared for the consequences, and in the worst case scenario, you will be blocked.

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2. You have a weird sense of humor.

You may be thinking that you have a very good sense of humor because you were able to make your friend laugh a lot, but be cautious, we are dealing with girls here. One bad joke on her looks or weight and you will get blocked in an instant.

3. You are an unknown person trying to hit on her, and she is not interested.

There are a lot of beautiful cute girls online both on Facebook and Whatsapp. If you are a person who has not introduced himself well yet, and you hit on her, this might send a very wrong signal about your personality and you may look like a desperate guy. So I would advise you to go slow and steady. As the proverb goes: "Slow and Steady, Wins the race". ;)
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4. You are acting creepy.

If you fall in this category, you are doomed until you change your behavior and the way you communicate. I would just recommend you to ask your friends and let them decide whether you fall in this category or not. And if they say yes, please go to your nearest personality development classes and stop using Whatsapp and Facebook until you complete your course.

5. You are asking inappropriate questions.

I know that you might be a curious person and you are unable to stop your horses from asking a question. But think again, the question that you are going to ask might have a vulgar meaning or a meaning that you don't intend to ask. So think before asking anything to anyone.

6. You are not who you show you are. You are just an impostor using Fake ID.
Stop pretending that you are someone else. Be yourself, and charm the girl using your own name and skills. There is no point in faking your identity. Make her love who you are. Be aware, faking an Identity might even get you in Jail if your IP address get tracked.

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7. She Likes you too much. 

If she has blocked you, then it does not necessarily means that she hates you. She might have developed strong feeling for you and fallen in love with you. She might not be sure about her feeling and may be she is trying to get a grasp of the situation. In case you see any symptoms of this happening, be sure to confront her and tell how you feel.

8. Your Messages are too frequent.

You may be a very interesting guy and she even likes you. But remember the phrase, Anything in excess acts like a poison. If you add a lot of salt to a dish you cooked, it may taste bitter. Same would happen if you message her too frequently. Eventually she will get pissed at you and block you. To avoid this from happening, try to distract yourself from her doing something productive.

9. You pissed off her Friend or Family member

Friends and Family are precious to everyone in their life. If you do something bad, that hurt her friend or Family member and make sure you apologize or at least give a reason for your behavior and actions.

The above reasons are based on the experiences my friends (not mine) had with girls. Girls are still a mysterious creature for most of us. And may be that's the reasons Guys are so attracted to them. If any girl has blocked you, don't be depressed, as there is plenty of fish in the sea. And If you know of any other reason that a girl may use to block a guy, do let us know with your comments. Your comments may solve a guy's problem. I hope you enjoyed this article.
Have fun!!

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