Friday, July 11, 2014

All In One Android App to Know Anything Instantly - AskMe

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The world has shifted from desktop application to mobile phone apps. Smartphones have made our life easier. But with Smartphones, the new problem we are facing are the number of useless apps, or the shortage of memory.

We have limited memory in our Smartphone, and we need to store our pics, videos, audios and every other stuff we like. We also need to use apps to make our life easier. But most of the apps provide a limited number of functions to us.
We need an app, to do everything, from finding cabs to finding deals in the market.
Wouldn't it be great, if we could get an application which can do all this and a lot more. With this post, I introduce to you an amazing app named AskMe.

Why AskMe?

AskMe should be considered as a gift to us, from the awesome developers of this app. You will no longer need different apps to do all the tasks you need to do on a regular basis.
This app can help you

  • Post Free ADS
  • Find Deals
  • Add reviews to the Places you liked and the places you hated.
  • Read Reviews made by others about a business and learn from their mistakes.
  • Find Contact Details of businesses and connect with them instantly using AskMe.
  • Have a look at the rating, and find the best choice for you every time. 


Some Cool Features of Ask Me:-

Ask Me app is really an app which can save you a from a lot of trouble. You would not need to delete any of your precious files for installing this app, it occupies a space of only 2.4MB.

It is a light weight app with very fast and user friendly interface.
Install this app, and you will no longer need the n number of apps you are currently using to do different stuff. Do all that you wish with this this all in one Android App.

Its a search engine combined along with the capability to find deals and post ads. It give you the ability to share your search details and works with less resources. Less resource usage would mean less data usage. Isn't that great, you don't even need to spend a lot of data to make a search query. 
Get to know more about this AskMe. Watch the video below:-

How Do I Use It?

Are you excited about using it? Let me give you one more good news, this app is available for free. Around 5,00,000 people have already downloaded this application. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and download this app from Google Play store using the button given below. 


AskMe is Coming Soon on iOS

QR Code for Ask Me App

Apple iOS user, need not worry. The application is soon going to be launched for iOS platform.

Our Verdict:

As if now AskMe only covers the Indian region for the details and offers listed. It is an app that connects to your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and lets you share your search results with your friends and family. And this is what we do in real life. Searching a thing is usually done along with friends so that we enjoy the process. AskMe apps make that possible. Its a great utility all in one app, so I request all you guys to download it and give it a try. Share your Views about it in the comments section. 
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