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Google Chrome VPN App that would Change the Way you Surf - TorGuard VPN

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Since the launch of Google Chrome is 2008, it has been one of the fastest browsers and some even find it the best. VPN service provider has looked into its customers needs and provided its customers with an awesome Google Chrome extension to intergrate TorGuard's VPN service with the browsers.

This extension is not only easy to install and configure, but its also comes in a small bundled package of just 2 mb. This size is even lesser in comparison to the space occupied by camera pic on your disk. But don't just go on size, it can offer services equivalent to VPN services offered by software vpn services. Lets get to know more about this amazing service and its newly launched Google Chrome extension.

What is a VPN?

VPN abbreviates as Virtual Private network. It is used to establish a secure and encrypted connection among two or more parties on the internet. The connection is secured by advanced encryption and hashing algorithms. This secure connections helps users to have a safe communication without fear of people eavesdropping on their connection.
( You might think that who would eavesdrop on your online communication, but let me tell you that there are millions of users on the internet, and these also include hackers. Black hat hackers do such activities to scam, and sometimes just for fun. )

Why do we need a VPN?

Being a responsible internet user, we must protect ourselves from any loss of personal data. A VPN is a service to protect your personal files and other data from scammers and hackers with secured connections. It also helps you bypass any geographic or censorship rules set by network admin, ISP or the Government agencies.

TorGuard Google Chrome VPN Extension

There are a lot of VPN services available out there which requires you to download and install a software before the use of the actual service.
Let consider a scenario where you go to your school/ office/ cyber cafe. And you find that some websites you would like to visit are banned on the network.

Now in order to access the website that is banned, you need a VPN service. You might go ahead and actually find one, but you would have to download and install the software to avail ther service. Now, considering the scenario, do you think the network admin who has banned such sites would give you administrative rights to install a VPN software.
The answer found in most of the cases is an obvious no. And would usually don't even dare to ask for right to install a VPN software.

The Solution

The solution to the above problem is TorGuard Google Chrome app, which lets you connect to the anonymous proxy service by TorGuard, after just installing the extension of the browser.
The application specification for the Chrome app are as follows:-

Features that make it Shine Bright among the Tons of other Apps

  • 24/7 customer support and live chat support
  • 1400+ IP address to chose from
  • Reliable VPN service at price as low as 4.99$ a month
  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Server present in 44+ countries
  • OS supported: Android, iOS, Windows and a lot more.
  • Free Trail account to try the service
  • NO Logs VPN service. This VPN keeps no track or log of your internet usage.
  • 30 days money back guarantee.

Our Verdict

The Google chrome application once install on a browser can be connected to a Google account. This allows the chrome app to get synced with the account. An applicaiton one synced can be easily accessed just after signing in into the Google account on any browser on any desktop/laptop. This makes the user of the application much more powerful, as the user can not only bypass any censorship laws set by the various authorities, but can also do it from any machine on any network.

The application is small in size, offer good customer support, reliable service at cheap cost and 30 days money back guarantee makes this service a must try. Try it now or you will regret later. Please feel free to share your opinions about this amazing chrome application with your comments. 
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